We are very proud of what we achieve at Badger Watch: Dorset and it's always fantastic to hear from very satisfied visitors.

"Seeing live badgers in a natural setting had been a long-held ambition but most of the options seemed to involve a level of physical effort that is now beyond us with no great certainty of success. How fortunate we were to have found our way to Badgerwatch Dorset at Old Henley Farm. We visited at the height of Summer so expected a long wait for darkness before the badgers might appear but at 8.25 the magical sight of a black and white striped face emerging from the undergrowth just a few metres in from of us. Over the next two hours we watched entranced as first one, then two and finally three badgers came and went in various combinations, spending various lengths of time foraging right in front of us. The log-book in the Hide demonstrated that our experience was not unique, every party who recorded their visit had seen multiple badgers. We cannot recommend this experience too highly and hope that at some point we may be able to return."
- Nigel & Glenda
"Amazing experience being able to watch 5 badgers so close to the hide. Thank you - we will be back."
- The Highfields
"Overall this has been one of our greatest experiences. Many Thanks."
- Sue & Glenn
"We both enjoyed watching the badgers, a lovely evening."
- April and Nigel
"Fab! All four were snuffling around in front of the window. One was slightly bigger and the others were young but not baby badgers. A real privilege to be able to watch them."
- Jane & Chris
"Not sure whether we saw the same badgers each time, but we were lucky to see so much activity so early. A great experience."
- Philippe & Lauren
"Thank you! A really enjoyable experience that we will remember and treasure. A privilege to have seen so many badgers at once!"
- Ben, Holly, Steve & Sally
"4 badgers, mum, dad & 2 youngsters feeding for over 1 hr. Fantastic, had this experience for my birthday (65) we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you!"
- Bob & Deb