Q: How much does it cost?  
A: £80 per hide (1 to 4 people)
     £120 per hide (5 to 8 people)

Q: Do I need to book?
A: YES, pre-booking is essential. 

Q: When can I book?
A: We run Badger watches from 1st April to 31st October. 

Q: How do I book?
A: Call us on 01300 345 293 - if we don't answer, leave us a message and we will call you back. Or contact us by email for a call back.

Q: What time should I arrive? 
A: Arrive so that you have time to get ready and leave the car park to start the badger watch at 6:30pm sharp.

Q: What would stop us from seeing badgers?
A: All of the badgers are wild animals and noise levels MUST be kept to extremely low levels (eg a whisper) so as not to scare them away.

Q: Will I always see the badgers? 
A: As long as you are quiet, we are confident that you will see badgers. In fact for the last five years, we had a 100% success rate in terms of sightings.

Q: How long can I stay? 
A: You are welcome to stay for an hour or 2 or until lights out at midnight.

Q: How many wildlife watchers can you accommodate? 
A: We have 2 hides which can hold up to 8 people each. 

Q: What facilities are there? 
A: The hides are flood lit, have reading lights, comfortable seating, viewing windows, and carpeted floors. Toilets are to be found at the car parking area.

Q: Are there places to stay nearby?
A:  See; https://www.cheaprooms.co.uk/destinations/Dorchester/

Q: Will I see other wildlife?
A: Yes it is possible to see foxes, deer & rabbits. 

Q: Do I need to bring special clothing?
A: We recommend you bring a torch (essential for the walk back) sensible clothing, camera or video camera, binoculars. 

Q: How far is it to walk?
A: About 400m so a few minutes walk to the hides.