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We are very proud of what we achieve at Badger Watch: Dorset.  And it's always fantastic to hear from very satisfied visitors, both young and old.

In fact, we have even been 'written up' in the Financial Times, and we have some great reviews on Trip Advisor.

If you have any comments to make please do get in contact with us.

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4 October
Lovely to see some badgers tonight - TOP BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

1 October
As we were leaving, they all came to say goodnight and gave us a big applause and a bow

3 August
How amazing! We will come again next summer! Stourpaine/Australia

27 July
Awesome evening!! Everyone was out and about tonight - first 1 badger, then 2 and then they ran off. Waited a while then gradually they all emerged and suddenly we had 6!
Jacky, Alex and Lewis Knight

Brilliant evening! From tail differences, think we saw 4 different badgers and may have seen at least 6 different animals

15 June
Great time and many thanks
Geoff and Ann from Western Australia

9 June
Thank you for a fanastic opportunity to see live badgers in their natural habitat. Will definitely recommend this to friends and tell them to bring a flask!

4 May
Learned only last Wednesday about this badger watch place on the internet and here we are! We finally get to see live badgers and what an awesome night and evening!
Nico and Inge, Holland

20 August
Black, White and In Sight - A Badger Poem

They're black
They're white
They only come out at night
Badgers, badgers

They're black
They're white
They've got rather poor eyesight
Badgers, badgers

They're black
They're white
They can easily take fright
Badgers, badgers.

They're black
They're white
They forage with all their might
Badgers, badgers

They're black
They're white
They're friendly and dont bite
Badgers, badgers

Zahra and Ron (Surrey and Aberdeen via Southampton)


"Well this is my surprise birthday treat and what a  lovely surprise! Always wanted to do a 'Spring Watch' and here I am - actually on the same hallowed turf as Bill Oddie! What a lovely relaxing way to spend an evening - saw badgers and rabbits, sadly no foxes yet. Came all the way down from Bedfordshire - well worth it!"

"I've waited my whole life to see these amazing animals for real and what a wonderful sight it was!"

Just a quick email to thank you for the fantastic badger watch my wife, daughter and myself enjoyed on Saturday. It was magical, from walking to the hide and enjoying the site of a magnificant Buzzard to the captivating view of the Badgers feeding just feet away from us. To top the night as we were preparing to leave we watched one badger taking fresh bedding back up the step bank to the sett, something we probably would never see anywhere else. I'm sure we'll be back in the future to enjoy it again.

"Badgers Rule! Wish we could stay all night but have to get back to digs. Awesome night. Definitely be back again!"

"A definite good time and it'll be one to remember.  Really good experience for all ages."

"Got here at 6.45ish, saw a fox, 7 badgers - had a great time, thanks!"

"Many thanks for a wonderful experience - Badgers are kings!"

Just an email to say thank you for  such a magical evening on Thursday 12th August, we feel very privileged to have seen the badgers up close,  and also to thank you for being so accommodating when I phoned to change our evening at such short notice, and again when we arrived late having got lost!! We are now making everyone jealous with our photos, and can't recommend you enough.

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